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ok, as you can tell, I've all but abandoned this journal. I still get on LJ pretty much every day, but I probably won't be updating my journal or checking my friends page much anymore. So with that, I'm here to drop off my tumblr link, because that's where I spend most of my time nowadays and is the best way to keep in touch with me. Let me know if you're gonna follow me, because I gain followers all the time and I probably won't know it's you.


pinkman ¤ TV | Breaking Bad

shit I need to watch

I'm really just doing this because I realized that, despite the fact that I really do love movies and TV, there's a lot of key movies/shows in the world of screenwriting that I haven't seen or saw a while ago and don't remember much. And I kinda figured that I should start watching things that will help me develop as a script writer. So yeah, this is my list, which I'm really just putting here for my own good.

You can basically just ignore this. Although, I googled a lot but I'm sure I missed things here and there. If you have any recommendations lemme know!

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